Monday, July 26, 2010

Rewrite and Improve

A few years back I came up with Shield Breaker for a little contest at 64digits.  Then I started working on it again, adding features and experimenting with backgrounds.

All this was done using Game Maker 6.1, which was fine then.  It made putting out a quick and dirty version easy and allowed me to focus more on what I wanted to do then figuring out all the details.  Not to say a good amount of manual coding was used to create the first two versions.

Current available to play are versions titled Shield Breaker and Shield Breaker EX located on the side bar.  EX version contains a sample track by an artist named Black Hole who will possibly be contributing longer tracks in the new version.

The new version is currently being written in GLBasic, a coding language based on basic but with all the power of C++.  Inline C can also be used.  GLBasic compiles the final product into C and can also compile to OSX, iPhone, iPad, Win32, WinCE and Linux.

In addition to being able to compile to multiple platforms its allows for a cleaner faster engine.  Limits on objects on screen are way higher allowing for nicer visuals and increased game play potential.

However, unlike the previous versions I do plan to make this a commercial game, retailing no more then $10.  I've also considered the option of selling them pre-installed on custom usb sticks at the same price.  If created for mobile versions, the price will be lower for such devices.

Check back for future updates, tech demos and video capture.

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