Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tech demo, videos and progress update.

A new tech demo is available on the side bar under current demos.

So far progress is going well in the conversion process.  Although there was some issues before with how the bullets would reflect off surfaces, but that's almost corrected now.  I may not have to re-write the process as I had previously thought.

Basic Controls
   *Up = turn counter clockwise
   *Down = turn clockwise
   *Space = shoot
   *Escape = quit
    *Move up = rotate counter clockwise
    *Move down = rotate clockwise
    *Left button = shoot

As of this version I currently have the following completed:

*Hit, bust, speed and slap bonuses are working.
*Several powerups have been included.  (4-8 to activate a cheat for them, 5 does nothing so far)
*Some blocks have behaviors.  Currently the ones that need to be programed have not been included in this demo.
*Blocks burst into various pieces
*Shield decays and fuzzes out
*Tons of sprites with little slow down
*Mouse control added

Still to do is to add the actual powerup and bonus drops.  Also coloring for the bullet's glow effect.  Should range from orange-red-yellow-white.

Later on I'll be adding the special offensive blocks and pandora boxes.

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